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Can 17,000 Patents Help Android Win a Legal Cold War?

Can 17,000 Patents Help Android Win a Legal Cold War?

Un análisis muy interesante sobre la “guerra de patentes” (una guerra con muchos frentes) que se ha montado en torno (sobre todo) a  Android. Algunas “perlas” del lúcido análisis que podemos leer en el artículo:

This stark reality requires each company entering the mobile market to prepare for all-out war, and legal experts we’ve interviewed agree that Google failed to adequately protect Android from legal attack.

 the Motorola portfolio will put Google in good stead going forward, even if damage has been done to the Android ecosystem already. As long as Android lacks proper patent protection, Microsoft can demand licensing fees from hardware vendors. With a stronger patent portfolio, Google and partners could negotiate cross-licensing deals that don’t require payments.

Smartphones are relatively new, but will likely follow the path of more mature electronics industries, in which “you typically see large cross-licensing agreements between the big players because they’ve all got lots of patents the others are infringing,” Patras said. “They could all sue one another, they could all get injunctions against one another, and then you end up with products that have technology that’s 20 years old, and that’s not in anyone’s best interest.”

“The point of these lawsuits is to raise the price of Android so that it is no longer able to compete,” he said. If Google and partners have to pay licensing fees, or change functionality due to infringement findings, “then all of a sudden Android is not as strong a competitor.”